Get Grass-Fed beef for $3.60 per Pound

Jordan Hedberg
4 min readJul 15, 2019

I am giving up one of my little secrets that have helped me to build my cattle herd. For me, this is how I arbitrage the price of beef cattle ranchers get paid vs the price customers will pay for grass-fed beef. The profit I make is enough to make a profit that gets invested in my ranch. But more importantly, it generates cash-flow from cattle that is quick.

I write this from Colorado, so what I have learned is based on my experience here. Each area will be different, but the same rules apply, but results will vary.

I am not worried about giving this information up, because much of it depends on building relationships with ranchers, butchers, and does not rest just on money. I have the connections and relationships in my community because I grew up here and have known most of these ranchers for decades. I trust them, they trust me. Most of my customers do not have the time or interest in developing the network this opportunity requires.

Here is how it works

Ranchers often have cows that they take to the sale barn and sell as “butcher cows” or “butcher bulls.” These are animals that did not get pregnant or got old or some other reason. They are affordable. I pay the market price in this area of Colorado which is $.60 per pound live weight of the animal. (Prices as of July 14, 2019.)

Now. This beef is nearly always 100% grass-fed beef. These cattle have been on pasture their whole lives, and beef ranchers NEVER feed corn to cattle that are just for breeding. Some exceptions depending on were you live; leftover ethanol corn, brewery grains, and other waste products. But in my area, and for most ranchers, butcher animals are never fed anything but grass forges.

Also, these cattle are not given chemicals or drugs because again, those things are expensive, and cattle on pasture are generally healthy.

The most amazing part of butcher animals is their taste. It's like aged wine, the older, the more flavorful. Of course, it's too tough for most steak cuts. But it makes great ground beef, and the tenderloins are out of this world.

There is a lot of room to talk about cuts from old animals. But the ground, tenderloin (filet) offal, and bones are all tasty and wonderful.